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    Tired of being embarrassed by your children's behaviors? Feel like you are failing as a parent? Fear not! Help is at hand...

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    "How to Get Your Children to Do as They are Told... without any screaming or shouting."

    by Dr. Noel Swanson, MD Certified Specialist Consultant Child Psychiatrist It doesn't have to be like this! Dr. Swanson's book and articles will show you exactly how you can change all this in an amazingly short time.

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    If you can answer yes to even one of the list below, this newsletter is for you. It will, quite simply, transform your life:

    Which of these apply to your children? Rude and defiant

    Frequent temper tantrums

    Won't take NO for an answer

    Won't settle to bed

    Won't do as they are told

    Treat you like their personal slave

    Won't do their homework

    Aggressive or violent

    Lying and/or stealing

    Hyperactive, always on the go and into everything

    Constantly in trouble at school

    Sullen and moody

    Poor self esteem, depressed, anxious

    Won't go to school And to you?

    Tired and stressed

    Feel like you are failing as a parent

    Find yourself constantly shouting at your children

    Arguing with your partner about how to manage the kids

    Feel blamed or criticised by your friends, neighbors, school teachers, even doctors and therapists

    Feel hopeless that you will ever have a normal, happy family life

    Every day you fear that phone call from the school about yet another problem

    Worried that your children will drop out, or be expelled from school

    Worried that your children will end up on drugs or in jail

    Considered putting the children into care as you simply cannot cope

    Do you ever wish that there was some kind of answer to all these problems? That there was some way that you could get those kids of yours to behave? Some way to replace stress, anger and chaos with fun, laughter and love?

    No doubt you have already spoken with friends and family. Maybe you have read all the magazine articles you can find. Perhaps you have even been to see psychologists, psychiatrists, pediatricians or other therapists and counsellors?

    Yet nothing seems to work.

    Amazingly, the answers you are looking for are incredibly simple...

    Dr. Swanson, MD, has spent 20 years in clinical practice working with hundreds of families struggling with every conceivable type of behavioral problem: temper tantrums, defiance, aggression, hyperactivity, ADHD , Asperger's, Autism, school refusal, lying, stealing, sleep problems, depression, you name it, he has seen it, and worked with it.

    Out of all of this experience, he has developed a unique and remarkably effective system that can help you to regain control of your family in an incredibly short time, whatever the challenges your children present, and whatever their ages. This system does not require months of therapy, or countless expensive appointments with doctors or psychologists.

    All it takes is the application of some very simple, but very powerful, principles. They are described in Dr. Swanson's Book, The Good Child Guide, which you will learn about in a minute: To get it, right now, just fill in the form below, and click the button. The sooner you get started, the sooner your children will start to behave themselves:

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